When Sherlock hears John's voice in his head during the Jack the Ripper debacle, what do you make of John's voice saying, "Jealous?" What does it suggest? Sorry if you've answered this already in more detail. Love the metas and love you btw <3
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Thank you so much!! :)

Apparently I’m incapable of answering this kind of thing without turning it into a full-blown meta. Let’s just look at the whole scene, because it’s funny, but (as always) the humor is masking quite a bit of darkness.

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MOLLY: What is it?

(Sherlock gets his phone out and holds it up high to try and get a signal.)

MOLLY: You’re on to something, aren’t you?

SHERLOCK: Mm, maybe.


This one’s obvious. John calls Sherlock a “show off” frequently. But next time you watch this scene, listen to the tone of John’s voice in Sherlock’s head. It’s harsh, insulting. It’s not the same tone Real John uses when he tells him to stop showing off. So why does Sherlock hear it this way?

Because despite his arrogance, Sherlock’s self-esteem is actually crap. In fact, that actually explains the arrogance – after all, arrogance is not always a matter of overconfidence. Sometimes it’s the opposite of confidence. When John says stuff about the showing off thing or being all mysterious with your cheekbones and turning up your collar so you look cool, Sherlock hears the words but he fails to understand the truth behind them, the real reason John says this stuff:

It’s what John likes.

He likes the showing off. Fantastic! (Do you know you do that out loud?) Sorry, I’ll shut up. (No, it’s…fine.)

John loves watching Sherlock show off, and Sherlock loves showing off for John. But of course, John isn’t going to act like a simpering fanboy on the outside, nor will Sherlock openly acknowledge how much he loves basking in the attention. These are two men who have a lifelong habit of suppressing those types of emotions. Unfortunately, the hard exteriors they’ve built are so damn near impenetrable, they even manage to fool one another.

So John doesn’t realize Sherlock shows off for him just because he craves John’s appreciation and attention and approval. John doesn’t realize he’s special. He only sees the exterior; he thinks Sherlock’s an arrogant show off.

And Sherlock doesn’t realize John’s sarcasm is just a mask for the frustration and confusion he’s experiencing due to the effects the showing off and the cheekbones and the being all mysterious have on him. Sherlock doesn’t realize he’s special. He only sees the exterior; he thinks John’s irritated by his act.

That’s what we’re hearing in Sherlock’s head right now. Not real John, who actually loves watching Sherlock deduce. These are his words, but spoken the way Sherlock interprets them, rather than the way John means them.

SHERLOCK: Shut up, John. 

MOLLY: What?

SHERLOCK: Hmm? Nothing.


LESTRADE (glancing towards Molly): This gonna be your new arrangement, is it?

SHERLOCK: Just giving it a go.

LESTRADE: Right. So, John?

SHERLOCK: Not really in the picture any more.

(He moves away from the table and turns back to look at the whole picture. Cement dust drifts down from the ceiling as a distant rumbling can be heard.)

MOLLY: Trains?


Right, John’s out of the picture. And Sherlock hears the distant rumble of unseen trains. Nothing subtextual to see here, move along…

MOLLY: Male, forty to fifty. Ooh, sorry, did you want to be …?

SHERLOCK: Er, no, please. Be my guest.


Molly makes this deduction first. She beats him to it. Jealous, Sherlock? 

SHERLOCK (angrily, through gritted teeth)Shut up! 


LESTRADE: “How I Did It” by Jack the Ripper?!


MOLLY: It’s impossible!

SHERLOCK: Welcome to my world.


SHERLOCK (quietly, through clenched teeth): Get out.

This scene isn’t just about Sherlock missing John. It’s about just how fucked up Sherlock’s head and heart are right now. John refuses to forgive him, and Sherlock’s beginning to understand just how much he hurt him. He screwed up the fall. He screwed up the return.

Low self-esteem + guilt = self-loathing. 

That’s why John’s voice is so harsh, why even the text appears different than it does with normal deductions – fast, sharp, fiery. The words are like bullets and Sherlock’s exterior is starting to crack.

He’s still trying to keep up the act, though.

SHERLOCK: I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining it to you.

LESTRADE: No, please – insult away!


That’s right, do your little trick for the ordinary people, and don’t forget to look all cool and mysterious as you do it.

SHERLOCK: The-the-the corpse is-is six months old; it’s dressed in a shoddy Victorian outfit from a museum. It’s been displayed on a dummy for many years in a case facing south-east judging from the fading of the fabric. It was sold off in a fire-damage sale … (he gets his phone out and shows the screen to Greg) … a week ago.

LESTRADE: So the whole thing was a fake.


LESTRADE: Looked so promising.


MOLLY: Why would someone go to all that trouble?


SHERLOCK (offscreen): Why indeed, John?

Cue his shadow slipping through the busted, fragmented, splintered door.

If you ever hear anyone complain that Woobie!Sherlock in TSoT was unexpected, that him working so hard on planning John’s wedding was OOC, that his brain meltdown upon learning that John considered him his best man and his best friend didn’t make sense, then refer them to this scene.

Because this is when we start to see Sherlock truly believes he’s nothing more than a world-class fuck-up, and that’s how John sees him too. His exterior is pretty much shattered, and in TSoT, the real Sherlock is exposed.

The skeleton is male, forty to fifty... that describes John. Not sure what, if anything, to draw from that.
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Oh FFS, you’re right. 

I mentioned this Jack the Ripper thing in my TEH meta. A serial killer who targeted prostitutes and whose “work” (aka the manner in which he mutilated him) led many to suspect he was a doctor. Male, forty to fifty. And…

I don’t even want to make a parallel to John, because – creepy. But the skeleton does turn out to be a fake. And now I’m looking at Sherlock’s deductions and, well…I don’t know. Let’s have fun with this. I’m going to freewrite, meaning if I think of a single reference or connection, no matter how outlandish, I’m writing it down.


Here’s our first view of the skeleton, hidden deep underground and lit by harsh, unnatural lights.


Seated with an empty glass wine goblet and decanter, a writing utensil in his hand and an open notebook on the table. Writing about everything that happens to you will honestly help you. Nothing happens to me…

ETA: salsify said: Wine goblet & decanter = drink a toast, the celebration of the engagement @ 221B and then the wedding toast: dead/not-dead, beginnings, seeming ends.


Sherlock pulls out his tools of the trade, literally mirroring the writing utensil in the skeleton’s hand. I’d be lost without my blogger.

(A minute or so later, we see this mirror again. Creepily, Molly (who is standing in for John) is positioned in a way so that it kind of looks like her hand.)




"The corpse is six months old."

Six months old. At this point in the episode, what else is six months old? John’s relationship with Mary. Six months of bristly kisses for me… Bristly kisses because of that mustache, the one that wasn’t working for John. (The mustache that we associate with Canon-Watson. (I prefer my doctors clean-shaven.))



"It’s dressed in a shoddy Victorian outfit from a museum."

Victorian times, when Canon-Watson and Canon-Holmes lived. But that’s antiquated, it’s old, it belongs in a museum, I can’t be seen walking around with an old man. John’s shaved that mustache off. Canon-Watson is gone. 




"It’s been displayed on a dummy for many years in a case facing south-east judging from the fading of the fabric."

Displayed on a dummy in a case, what you’ve been seeing for many years isn’t real, it’s a fake. It’s faded because it faces southeast, the sunrise (new day, new beginnings? (the east wind is coming to get you)).

ETA: Thanks to singularcoincidence for pointing out that John’s chair faces east.



"It was sold off in a fire-damage sale a week ago."

Sherlock returned to London about a week ago. He returned to John about a week ago. And tonight there’s going to be a little fire damage.


Pine? Spruce? Cedar? So many tree references. The wallpaper outside the entrance to Jack’s hideout is even covered in trees. Jack is hidden in trees.


In “The Empty House,” Holmes disguises himself as a crippled old man, and Watson runs into him and knocks a book called THE ORIGIN OF TREE WORSHIP out of his hands. It’s referenced in John’s scene with the old man he thinks is Sherlock in disguise, who offers him a porn DVD called TREE WORSHIPPERS (which John declines).

Pine? Cedar? Also used in a bonfire later this episode. John is hidden in trees.


Mothballs were recently used to preserve the clothing from damage while being “stored” down here.


Carbon particulate, aka black carbon, aka soot.


Pine, cedar, trees, soot, fire damage, Jack, John, hidden in trees. So…foreshadowing much?


And this moment right here, when Sherlock pulls John out of the fire – it’s the first time he sees John sans mustache, or Not Gay Canon!John, if you will.



Canon JohnJack, in his Victorian suit with his old-fashioned writing utensils, is dead. John Watson? Not dead. Not canon. New beginning.

(ps - freewriting is fun)

(pps - there’s a lot more to analyze here – any takers?)


ask reply for the-angelus-lucis

I don’t know if you answered this already but by researching the movie, have you picked up on the subtle ways of Hans being the bad guy? Like one for example is during the “Love is an Open Door” song he points towards the town when singing “to find my own place”. What else have you noticed?

Okay so the first gif, Hans doesn’t even hesitate when Anna suggests that they live in Arendelle, like he doesn’t even question the idea or suggests something else because he’s interested in Arendelle and not on the Southern Isles. 

On the second gif you have to make the connection, like he would be protecting Arendelle from a “traitor”

On the third gif it’s kinda obvious, like he’s looking for a place he can rule and get his place there. 

On the forth gif, Hans looks up for a second and looks at the chandelier on top of Elsa and he goes and moves the Duke’s guard’s hand looking like he’s protecting Elsa from getting shot but he’s actually trying to hurt her. Like he makes the chandelier fall on top of her. He could have moved the guard’s hand to one of the sides but he didn’t… 

On the fifth gif Hans looks concerned about Anna because she’s his ticket to a new life where he can be someone and rule over a kingdom. Of course he wouldn’t want her getting hurt. 

On the sixth gif, Elsa tells him to tell “them” to let her go— referring to whoever is in change over the kingdom. Hans is actually the one in change and he could just say a straight answer like “Yes, leave” or “I won’t let you leave” but he doesn’t want to let her go (haha) and he play the dumb like “I’ll do what I can”

On the seventh gif there are two different characters who make Hans look that Arendelle would be lost without them, making Hans look like he’s needed and making him feel important— something that he’s not back home. 


John’ s walk

The Walkson


John’ s walk

The Walkson
Divergent!lock Headcanon:

John Watson grew up in Dauntless. He underwent the typical military-style program, learning to fight from a young age. However, at 15 years of age, John got into an accident at the firing range, causing him to have gunshot wounds in one shoulder and leg. He thought he’d had enough of Dauntless, that he was done with fighting, so during the Choosing Ceremony, John joined Erudite. Thereafter, he studied medicine and biology peacefully. That is, until he met a certain Erudite brunette…

Sherlock Holmes, on the other hand, grew up a born-and-bred Erudite. With nearly superhuman deductive powers and amazing mental capacity, he and his brother Mycroft were regarded as the ideal Erudite boys. Well, not so much Sherlock. Because while Mycroft went on to become a high-flying official, the younger Holmes brother preferred to stay alone, often ridiculed for his negligible social skills. He quite literally had no friends. That is, until he met a certain Ex-Dauntless boy after the Choosing Ceremony…

Loose Threads



Hello. Are you ready for the story? This is the story of the fan who liked to pull loose threads. Every time she found a loose thread, she’d pull it out and tie it to another one. “The doctor was because of the rubber ball!" she’d say. Or "The binary code was because of Bachand so was Henry Fishguard!” The other fans would smile and nod politely, and she’d just go back to her threads. But one day the fan saw two more loose threads. How had she not noticed them before? There they were, just waiting to be pulled out and tied to something. So she tugged on those two threads at the same time. And it made her whole brain unravel. The end.


In case it wasn’t abundantly clear from that introduction, this is the promised Crack Theory That Thinks It’s People. The strongly recommended background reading is my Assassins vs. Gunmen post. Because the gunmen working for Jim weren’t given names in the episode, I’m going to keep referring to them as Gunman 1 (assigned to shoot Mrs. Hudson), Gunman 2 (assigned to shoot John), and Gunman 3 (assigned to shoot Lestrade) as I did in that post. 

Edit: Please, please make sure you read through to the notes at the end, because additional evidence caused me to change my mind about one part of this after I wrote it. Everything else about the theory stands, though.


So. The kidnapped girl. The one who screamed at Sherlock.

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Despite the entire episode existing, I think this is one of the most sobering moments in the show.  Sherlock getting ready for his arrest.

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so fucking cute



I need this to be a one shot fan fic now. Someone must write it.

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Girl look at that body,

Girl look at that body,

Girl look at that body,

We should probably call the police who knows how long it’s been in the river.

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